I am Not a Girl


I Am Not a Girl

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Written by William G. Hubbard and Ren Kennedy.
Based on a collection of monologues by William G. Hubbard.

Dates 06/05/2019 - 06/09/2019
30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1X3

After a highly successful first-run in Vancouver – Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions Society will bring I Am Not a Girl to the stage at Tarragon’s EXTRASPACE, Toronto, June (5th - 9th) 2019. The production stems from a true story that was generously given to Executive Producer William Grant Hubbard with the request that the subject of the story remain anonymous.

I Am Not a Girl tells the unique story of Eric – born into a large family in the 1970’s and assigned female at birth, they spend the first part of their life masquerading as "Erica". When they begin to question their identity, they are propelled on a journey of self-discovery, embarking into a world of drugs, sexual encounters and failed relationships. They finally reach a revelation, they can transition to the gender that they have always truly identified as – male. With this promise and the incredible support of a loving mother, "Erica" faces the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of transitioning to their authentic self, Eric.

Complementing the production and following the matinee on June 9, MHCPS will also facilitate a special panel exploring discourse around transgender issues today, in Canada.

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions Society is an Vancouver-based organization dedicated to exploring significant social circumstances and issues affecting the British Columbia community through theatre and film.

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“I’ve just seen this production and thought it was outstanding. Well written and performed, it opened a door into a difficult world and was an intense and compassionate story. The combination of dialogue and dance was inspired. Kudos to all involved.”


“This is an important, agonizing and triumphant story and I’m so happy to have seen last nights’s production at the Cultch. Very well written and directed, with outstanding performances, it was completely engrossing and very moving. Kudos to everyone involved. It deserves to be presented to wider audiences. WOW!”

“The show was so well done and I’d recommend it to anyone."

“They play itself was a tour de force. It left me emotionally exhausted from crying a lot. Loved your play. Congratulations to the crew."