I am Not a Girl


Illustration: Eimear Kinsella

I Am Not a Girl

Written by William G. Hubbard and Ren Kennedy.
Based on a collection of monologues by William G. Hubbard.


The Society’s first stage production, I Am Not a Girl, is scheduled at The Cultch for June 2018.

I Am Not a Girl is the story of Erica, born into a large family in the 1970’s who questions who Erica is, including her gender. The journey of self-discovery takes Erica through a world of drugs, sexual encounters, failed relationships, and finally the revelation that Erica can transition to male, and with this promise and the incredible loving support of her Mother, Erica faces the gauntlet of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges of becoming Eric.

Vancity Culture Lab (The Cultch). 1895 Venables St. 

June 21, 8pm Preview
June 22, 8pm Opening
June 23, 25, 26, 8pm
June 24, 1pm Matinée


Director: Ren Kennedy
Choreography: Sebastien (“Bash”) Hirtenstein
Cast: Sara Southey, Kia Vance, Sebastien (“Bash”) Hirtenstein
Lighting Designer: Andie Lloyd
Sound Designer: Patrick Boudreau
Costumes and Sets: Emily Fraser
Projection Slides: Vanka Salim
Photography: JOEL FRASER
Publicity:  Sean Scott, Nigel Hubbard



Staged Reading

A reading performance of the script took place on November 3, 2017 at Work Place in Vancouver BC, featuring Ren Kennedy and Leslie Appleton. The purpose of the live reading was to elicit constructive feedback and inform the direction of the final script and the 2018 stage production.


Photo Credit: Joel Fraser