We produce socially relevant works that promote conversations and understanding.


We produce socially relevant works that promote conversations and understanding.


Established in 2016, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions Society is a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to exploring significant social circumstances and issues affecting the British Columbia community through theatre and film. Our society aims to pursue sociological insight and understanding through in-depth interviews culminating in stage and film presentations.

Strategic Outlook

The Society is guided by a 5 -year strategic plan that includes the years: 2017—2021. The key themes being considered beyond gender dysphoria in 2017 center on homelessness and the plight of the single mother.

In keeping with the whimsical name of the society, each year will be characterized by the answer to, “What’s in the Cupboard?”

Incorporation number: S0066400







Executive Producer

Following more than one successful career in the public and not-for-profit sectors, William decided to pursue his interests in the performing arts by establishing the Society and writing a narrative for its first production: I Am Not a Girl.

“In the summer of 2015 I was sitting on a well-placed log at a West Vancouver beach thinking about my love of the performing arts when I experienced a eureka moment. For too long I had been a passive participant witnessing over 50 productions a year in Vancouver and New York but had not contributed in any tangible artistic sense. 

I had thought about chronicling the story behind I Am Not a Girl for some years but couldn’t land on the literary form for this exercise.

It could have been the comfortable log or the sunny day but I was suddenly struck with the notion that the story ought to be told on stage. This led to interviews, study and months of thinking and writing.”